Yodogawa River Loop Ride.

  This ride was originally planned as a night-ride, and I would get-up at 3am then, after a hearty breakfast, be on the road by 3:30am. I try and do one of these rides each summer.

IMG_20170901_074407   I still had my hearty breakfast – muesli & banana – but didn’t get on the road until 7:30am. It was still cool and, with luck, I would arrive home before the temperature peaked – from 12pm onwards. My plan was to cycle along the true-right side of the Yodogawa River, to the confluence with the Kanzakigawa (Map Location), and I would follow this to where it rejoined the Yodogawa near it’s mouth with the Osaka Bay, 20km x 1-hour later.

     From this point the mouth of the Yodogawa was just a few short kilometers away and, behind me, was the concrete jungle of Osaka City. From here I had to cycle back upstream to the route-43 bridge, crossing it then connecting with the cycleway on the other side. My destination, the Island of Maishima (Map Location.), just 7km away.


My next photo opp’ came as I was crossing a bridge to the island, one of three that gave access to the area. In front of me was this interesting complex, part of the Osaka City Refuse Disposal facility. Quite an amazing construction, considering it’s purpose.IMG_20170901_095350

   In the 10-years since I was last here, the island has developed considerably and, as a consequence, so has the volume of traffic. But I got here safe-and-sound and took the opportunity to have my first break of the day. 

   From where I sat, there wasn’t much to view. Since my last visit another reclaimed island has appeared. But . . . .IMG_20170901_100243

. . . . while I was sitting enjoying my lunch, this interesting craft passed through the channel. Any lower, and it would risk taking-on water, and capsize.


   My next stop was at the summit of the Konohana bridge. Semi-circular in design, it was quite a grunt to reach this point but, once here, I was treated to a fine panorama of the area – to my left, Kobe City, the Yodogawa in front of me, and Osaka City to my right.

IMG_20170901_104755   My ride through Osaka City was uneventful, but for this sign. Being a fan of museums, galleries and exhibitions, this facility has been placed on my ‘must see’ list. This link – Osaka City Sewerage Science Museum – should go some way to explaining the facility.

  My next stop was at the Sakuramiya Bridge (Map Location.), that crosses the Ogawa River. From here I managed to catch a fleeting glimpse of Osaka-jo Castle.


   At the end of the bridge was a path that lead me onto the Ogawa cycleway and, a kilometer-or-so on, would reconnect me with the Yodogawa, and on home. As I had a nice tail-wind on my journey into Osaka, I knew I was in for a tough ride home. The wind had picked-up considerably and, instead of pushing myself, I found a comfortable gear, and relaxed – no need in hurting myself unnecessarily.


Part way along I took a break, had the last of my bananas and emptied my drink bottles. Next to where I parked was a fresh-water fountain, and I was able to refill my bottles, emptying one before refilling it again (by now, it was just no midday and the temperature was reaching it’s peak) and remounted my bike for the last push home.

This is the map & details of my trip;

logo_trans_black Yodogawa River Loop Ride.

So, until next time – 


Bookride into Kyoto City.

A proud dad, with newborn baby.

First, let me explain what a ‘bookride’ is. It happens when my supply of reading material is nearly depleted and I need to restock. So I head-into the ‘Book.Off’ store on Kawaramachi-dori. I have two alternative routes – the direct or the touring – and, depending on how I am going for time ( the store doesn’t open until 11am) is dependent on what route I take.


Yesterday I took the Arashiyama course and, from there, cycled through the Kitaoji area to the Kamogawa and on into the bike-park.

After cycling along the Katsuragawa, from the Yawataohashi, I arrived at this bridge, over a tributary of the Katsuragawa. Normally this bridge is very busy with visitors taking photos but, on this day, it was very quiet.

   From here I crossed ‘The Bridge’ and proceeded up the main street. Now this area is very-very busy and one has to be observant as you never know when a pedestrian is going to step-out in front of you.

IMG_20170830_101804 (1) 

Right up the very top, after crossing the J.R. Rail-line, was this Gate, entrance to Seiryo-ji Temple. As I arrived another cyclist was there taking photos. When I stopped he asked if I would like my photo taken – needless-to-say what my reply was. As he spoke English, we got to talking. It turned-out he lives in Hirakata City, not far from where I live. Then it dawned upon me. We have met before. About 4-years ago, when I was out on my bike, we met and he gave me some advice regarding cycling tracks in the Hotani area. Small world.



Back on the road again and, just around the corner, was this rice-field with an interesting collection of bird deterrents – for want of a better description. Mt Atago is in the distance. Interesting how far the rice has developed in this area, compared to where I live. My next photo opportunity was just up the road at . . . .



 . . . . Hirosawa Pond. As it was very windy here, I took several photos in between wind gusts. Most of the other images came-out blurred. 

This is a nice area of the Arashiyama-to-Kamogawa section. It’s very quiet and almost rural. Just a few hundred meters along it changes and becomes busy.

There are many popular tourist spots in the area.


  Now don’t get the above images confused with the ones on Easter Island. These are part of a garden center display that I couldn’t resist the temptation to stop and photograph them.

Well, that’s all the images. From here, although there were many more photo opps’, the route became very busy and I needed to concentrate on my cycling. 

After parking my bike I made my way to ‘Book.Off’. Sadly there wasn’t anything of interest. From here I made a quick visit to ‘Maruzan’ bookstore to check-out some maps, in preparation for an upcoming hike I am planning.

The ride home was uneventful and, as I had a tail wind most of the way, I made it in record time.


So, until next time, this is TheOutdoorholic saying –



 This is the first time I have used this site to post a blog. So, this is more of a test to see how it goes and to introduce myself.


I call myself the ‘Outdoorholic’ and, as the name implies, I am addicted to the outdoors. That is regardless of my purpose for being there and my mode. I have a huge respect and appreciation for the outdoors.


I have many excuses for heading-out, whether on two feet or two wheels but, on most occasions I take a camera and record whatever is of interest. This planet has many great sights, as can be seen in the above images.



Come hot or cold weather, nothing will restrict me from heading-out. In the image on the right, it is the middle of winter and, as you can guess, it is very cold. So I have to wear adequite clothing.



Then, in summer, it is very different, and I don’t have to wear as much. But I need to take plenty of water.



I have a particular interest in Temples & Shrines, especially ones in the most isolated of places.


Especially the one in the above image – Himuro-jinja – which is way-out the back of Kyoto City.


  And then there are Temples, like Konin-ji out the back of Nara City, along the Yamanobenomichi Path.



  Castles are also a favorite, as in Fushimimomoyama-jo. A very nice spot to enjoy Hanami.







Sometimes my wife accompanies me, albeit short & easy ride – 30km max’ – and sometimes we pack a picnic or, if we know of a cafe in the vicinity, stop for a bite-to-eat and drink.                                                                                                                                            Let me show-off some more images – 

31035057990_ffb9f85e44_o   Well, that is about all for the moment. I hope it comes-out okay. If you can offer and advice, any advice, I would be most appreciative. I look forward to hearing from you.

So, until next time – sayonara.